WEIBOOK Platform Terms and Conditions of Use

1. Generalities The contractual relations between the company WEI LABS S.A.S. and its Internet platform (hereinafter jointly referred to as “Weibook”) and the “Provider” shall be governed exclusively by the following Terms and Conditions in their version valid at the time of use. From the moment of participation, the “Provider” accepts these terms and conditions, as well as the “Weibook” operating procedure described on the website “weibook” shall not recognize contractual conditions of the “Provider” that differ from these, unless “Weibook” has expressly accepted their application in writing. “Weibook” consists of an online booking service, by means of which the use of a service provided by a third party through the platform contained on the website is booked or scheduled. In no case “weibook” is responsible for providing the services offered by third parties. “weibook” is not responsible in any case for the services offered by the different Companies.

2. Participants and Definitions The following parties are involved in the use of “WEIBOOK”: - “WEIBOOK”: Who delivers the online service of booking hours. - “Client”: Person who reserves the hour of the service offered by the Provider - “Provider”: Third party, company or natural person, who undertakes to provide the service offered on its Internet site, in advertising media, brochures or on the Site. - “Personnel” or “Staff”: Employees, workers, associates or any other person who, through their account on, can modify the services offered and their hours. Likewise, it corresponds to the person in charge who, on behalf of the “Provider” must provide the Service to the “Client”. The service provided by “WEIBOOK” corresponds to a “time reservation” (hereinafter “Reservation”) or “entry in the virtual agenda” of the “Provider”, which consists in the scheduling of a specific time for the provision of a specific service and that will be provided by the “Provider” at that time, without further liability for “WEIBOOK”. It is hereby established that the services offered and provided on our website are the sole and exclusive responsibility of the “Provider”.

3. Reservation System The use of the reservation system offered by “WEIBOOK” is contracted through its website, By means of the monthly, semi-annual or annual payment of the service, “WEIBOOK” is obliged to make the reservation system available, and the “Provider” is obliged to provide the service in the reserved hours, which may be reviewed in its account enabled for this purpose. Likewise, “WEIBOOK” provides the link or URL address so that the “Client” of the “Provider” of the web page can immediately go to the reservation system of his/her account, being able to reserve the hours of the service that the “Client” indicates and saves. By virtue of this, he is obliged to respect the time indicated for the reservation and to provide the service at that reserved time, releasing “WEIBOOK” from any responsibility in this regard. The “Provider” manages and defines the level of attributes in the use of the site for the “Staff”. The “Provider” shall be responsible for the correct use of its site by its “Personnel”. The Software contained in the website by means of which the reservation of hours is made possible is the property of “WEIBOOK” and “WEIBOOK” grants the License for its use upon prepayment of the corresponding membership fee, as described in these Terms and Conditions.

4. Technique of Use Without prejudice to the operating conditions of the time booking software contained in the site, it is a requirement of the “Provider” to have the minimum technical conditions for its use, which consist of having a computer, a cell phone or tablet, an operating system, internet browsing software, internet connection and any other necessary for the proper use of software provided through the internet. “WEIBOOK” is not responsible for the lack of licensing of the “Provider” in its computers as well as the deficiencies in the internet network, which are not attributable to “WEIBOOK”.

5. Payment The payment of the service, its amount and the date from which the service will be available will be indicated in the web page The payment of the service will be made in advance, renewable for up to 12 months. At the end of such period, the service must be renewed, and the conditions and prices up to that time may change. The “Provider” authorizes “WEIBOOK” to readjust the value of the service on a quarterly basis according to the variation of the CPI, calculated through the variation of the Unidad de Fomento or any other reliable index provided by the Central Bank. Payment may be made by credit or debit card, PayPal or through electronic transfers to the account of “WEIBOOK”, which will be informed in its case. In case of cancellation of a payment by credit card or a payment through a payment service, refund costs shall be incurred and shall be borne by the respective “Provider”. The “Provider” shall indicate the necessary and reliable data for the correct invoicing and the corresponding tax treatment, releasing “WEIBOOK” from any liability for inaccuracy in the delivery of the information. The “Provider” shall provide a reliable contact for the corresponding invoicing procedures. “WEIBOOK” is entitled to make any change of plans or rates with 30 days prior notice by e-mail sent to the e-mail address provided by the “Provider”. Any change of plans made by the “Provider” at any time will be charged the new plan the following month. In case of non-payment of services in a timely manner entitles “WEIBOOK” to suspend the time reservation services, without prejudice to inform of such suspension and the hours reserved prior to the suspension of the service. “WEIBOOK” is empowered to terminate the contract in any of the following circumstances: - Non-payment of the services at the agreed time; - Non-provision of the services; - Non-provision of the services at the agreed times; - Not having the technical feasibility for the correct use of - Falseness, omission or any serious error in the delivery of the billing data; - Not having a billing contact; - Not being reliable the service offered; - Attempting the service offered against the Law, morals and good manners. In any case, “WEIBOOK” will inform the “Provider” of the termination of the contract indicating the corresponding cause by means of an e-mail sent to the e-mail address provided by the “Provider”. All of the above, without prejudice of the legal actions that may be applicable in order to enforce the responsibilities or charges that may be pertinent.
5.1. Methods of payment
Monthly Subscription: Considers the monthly payment independent of the associated payment method. The subscription can be cancelled with prior notice. Annual Subscription: Considers the annual payment for 12 months, which is deducted month by month from a credit card, without interest. It cannot be cancelled/canceled before the payment of 12 installments from the subscription date. Advance payment agreement: When a 3 month, 6 month or 1 year advance payment of our service is made. No refunds will be accepted. Frequently asked questions regarding payment:
1. If I have a monthly subscription, when will I be charged for the service? WEIBOOK will charge the payment month by month (the day of the payment date agreed at the moment of contracting the WEIBOOK service), the administrative console will generate an alert with the notification with the payment link. If for any circumstance, the payment is not made on the date indicated above, WEIBOOK is authorized to insist on the payment until the charge is made, which may be made on a date other than the one indicated above.
2. What is the difference between Monthly and Annual subscription? Both subscriptions are charged in the same methods mentioned above, and the differences are: the Annual subscription has a discount on the total cost of the subscription, and the Monthly subscription does not have such discount. On the other hand, the Annual subscription has a 12-month payment commitment, i.e., it cannot be cancelled/canceled before the payment of 12 installments from the subscription date. On the other hand, the Monthly subscription can be cancelled/canceled in the requested month.
3. What happens if I want to unsubscribe? The subscription may be cancelled at any time, provided that 15 days' notice is given.

6. Reservation Once the service has been paid for and the link or URL address has been enabled, the “Provider” may assign its “Clients” from its web page for the reservation of the determined hour to provide the service. The duration of each hour to provide the service and the time of operation of the User's services may be freely determined by the “Provider” through the portal specially enabled in its account once the service has been paid for. Once the time has been reserved by the “Client”, the “Provider” shall be notified through its account enabled on the web page , who shall respect the time once reserved by the “Client”. Likewise, the “Provider” and the “Client” will be able to count on the following services: 1. Booking of hours 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, as well as their correct review by the “Personnel” and the “Provider”. However, in case of necessary maintenance and updates or in case the “WEIBOOK” Hosting platform presents problems, the platform may be suspended for the period of time necessary to ensure the correct functioning of the platform. 3. Establish hourly availability of “Personnel”. 4. Geo-referencing of the “Provider's” location(s). 5. Confirmation, editing and cancellation of reservations via e-mail. 6. Individual Services for small companies or “Providers”. Group services. 8. Management and creation of “Premises”, “Clients”, “Staff” and services. 9. Reservation management between “Staff”. WEIBOOK Calendar: Possibility to book manually in the “Provider” administration page. 11. Personalization of confirmation e-mails to customers. 12. Reservation summary control panel. 13. Booking report section by location, “Staff”, booking status, “Clients”. 14. Reminders to “Clients” via e-mail.
Responsibilities “WEIBOOK” is not responsible for the service offered by “Provider” nor for the quality of the same. The service and its quality depend solely on “Provider” and its staff, without “WEIBOOK” intervening directly or indirectly in the provision of the same. WEIBOOK” is not liable for the delay of “Provider” in rendering its services. The punctuality in the provision of the service depends solely on “Provider” and its personnel, without “WEIBOOK” intervening directly or indirectly in the provision of the same. 3. “WEIBOOK” is not liable for the non-attendance of the “Customer” at the time indicated in his/her reservation. 4. “Provider” is obliged to respond for the claims made by its “Customers” against “WEIBOOK”, having to collaborate in their defenses and in any case, for all the amounts that “WEIBOOK” may have to pay to “Customers” due to non-compliance of “Provider”. “WEIBOOK” shall not be liable in case of improper use of the computer, mobile device or similar, nor in case of error or excessive delay in the transmission of the reservation data by the Internet server. 6. “Provider” shall be responsible for having the technical, material and personnel feasibility to provide the services offered. 7. “Provider” and its “Staff” or “Personnel” shall be solely responsible for the correct use of the Software, of the web page and of the virtual account created therein. “WEIBOOK” shall not be liable for any information provided by “Provider” or its “Staff”. 9. “Provider” is ultimately responsible for claims due to its mismanagement or non-fulfillment of services or hours or delays in the same.

8. Compensation of damages / Reimbursement of expenses Any claim for damages by the “Supplier” against “WEIBOOK”, its legal representatives, employees or vicarious agents shall be excluded. This provision shall not apply to damages which are to be attributed to the wilful or grossly negligent conduct of “WEIBOOK”, its legal representatives or vicarious agents.

9. Exclusion By definition, any problems that the “Customer” has with the services offered will be dealt with directly with the “Provider”. Due to the nature of the service offered by “WEIBOOK” to the “Customer”, which is reduced solely to the virtual booking of the service to be provided, “WEIBOOK” assumes no liability to the “Customer” beyond the virtual booking of the time. Contractual and business relationships exist solely between “WEIBOOK” and “Provider” or between “Provider” and “Customer”. No business relationship exists between “WEIBOOK” and “Customer”.

10. Intellectual Property The contents of the screens relating to “WEIBOOK” services, as well as the programs, databases, networks and files that allow the “Provider” to access and use his account, are the property of “WEIBOOK” and are protected by the laws and international treaties on copyright, trademarks, patents, industrial models and designs. The improper use and total or partial reproduction of such content is prohibited, unless expressly authorized in writing by “WEIBOOK”. may contain links to other websites, which does not indicate that they are owned or operated by “WEIBOOK”. Since “WEIBOOK” has no control over such sites, it shall NOT be responsible for the contents, materials, actions and/or services provided by such sites, nor for any damage or loss caused by the use of such sites, whether directly or indirectly. The presence of links to other websites does not imply a partnership, relationship, approval and/or endorsement by “WEIBOOK” of such sites and their contents.

11. Data accuracy and invoicing By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the “Client” declares that all the information provided is true. Likewise, the “Client” accepts that the data provided will be used to receive invoices from WEI LABS SA.SA for the service provided, accepting to receive monthly invoices in his/her name for the duration of the service. The invoiced value will correspond to the value of the plan contracted by the client.

12. Duration of service and contract term By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the “Client” agrees to make the monthly payment of the contracted plan until either party notifies the termination of the service. To terminate the service, the Client must notify WEI LABS S.A.S. in writing at least 15 days prior to the date of account closure, considering monthly periods. The contracted plan will be in force for 30 days after the notification of the “Client', and all the services and any other charges must be paid in full on the last day of the contract. The “Client” will have full access to all the functionalities of the platform and will be able to migrate or obtain all the data he/she needs from “WEIBOOK” during the whole term of the contract, including the thirty days following the above mentioned notification. After the thirty days following the notification, the customer's access to the system will be blocked.