Privacy Policy WEIBOOK

1. Generalities
WeiBook's privacy policy (hereinafter the “Privacy Policy”) contains the terms and conditions relating to the collection, storage, and custody of Personal Data of Merchants and their representatives, officers, employees, contractors, subcontractors, directors , managers and/or other officers of the Merchant (the “Persons of the Merchant”), that the SME provides to WeiBook within the framework of the WeiBook Terms and Conditions. The Privacy Policy is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions of use (hereinafter the “Terms and Conditions”). By accepting these Terms and Conditions by the representative of the Merchant, the Merchant has accepted the provisions of this Privacy Policy. The Terms and Conditions will be additionally applicable to all matters and definitions that, being applicable in this instrument, are not directly regulated or defined in it. WeiBook is concerned about the protection of Personal Data that the SME provides to WeiBook. Likewise, WeiBook is responsible for complying with the corresponding obligations in accordance with the applicable regulations. This Privacy Policy explains WeiBook's legal parameters regarding the collection, use, storage, communication, treatment and protection of Personal Data, in full compliance with current legislation on the protection of personal data and other applicable regulations. The use of WeiBook services implies consent and full and unreserved acceptance of each and every one of the provisions included in this instrument. Similarly, the use of WeiBook services implies: (i) That the Merchant, duly represented, has given its approval and express consent for the processing of data provided to WeiBook, through its App, solely for the purpose of which said data was delivered, described in the seventh clause of this Privacy Policy; with the understanding that WeiBook will treat the personal data of End Users in its capacity as Manager. (ii) That the Merchant, duly represented, declares to have been informed regarding the purpose of storing the Personal Data and its possible communication to the public.

2. Data protection: collection, treatment and use of personal data of the “client” The data of the “Client” will be sent only to the “Provider”, for the correct management of the reservations. The data will be delivered by “WEIBOOK” only to the “Provider” for which a “Client” has reserved an hour. In no case will the data be delivered by “WEIBOOK” to a “Provider” other than the one that has reserved an hour. Personal data will be incorporated into an automated database for which “WEIBOOK” is responsible, committing not to transfer them to third parties, except in the case mentioned in the previous paragraph. It is expressly recognized that all stored data, which is entered by any of the system users, is the property of the “Provider”, and therefore cannot be used by WEIBOOK for any purpose that is not directly related to the services. contracted, with the exception of statistical purposes and use of the platform. Specifically, WEIBOOK may not disclose data to third parties entered, but WEIBOOK will be allowed to use the “Provider's” data for statistical and grouped purposes, so WEIBOOK will take care to anonymize the data obtained so that they do not represent any risk. for the “Clients”. Furthermore, WEIBOOK must not, at any time, reveal or communicate to any person, any commercial secret or confidential information related to the business of the “Provider”, or any information related to the business, especially information of “Clients”, which is known by him during the provision of the Service, WEIBOOK must make use of its best efforts to prevent the publication or disclosure of said information, on the understanding that this restriction will cease with respect to any confidential information that becomes public domain, unless it occurs due to non-compliance by “WEIBOOK”. WEIBOOK guarantees that those people it employs to fulfill this contract will comply with the same obligations referred to above, assuming responsibility for their actions as if they were their own. “WEIBOOK” will be obliged to demand from its staff or those people who use it sporadically or permanently to comply with the services agreed in this contract, the same conditions of confidentiality as those indicated in this clause.

3. External links “WEIBOOK” may contain links to Internet pages of third parties that in turn contain links to new Internet pages. Despite careful control of the content, “WEIBOOK” assumes no responsibility for the content of external links. Only their managers will be responsible for the contents of said pages. Likewise, “WEIBOOK” is not responsible for the contents of the web pages of its “Providers” or their external links.

4. Other websites The company shall have no liability for the information provided by other websites and the consequences thereof. The company does not guarantee, endorse or support in any way the access, information or content of any other website or portal in cases where such access is made from or to it, whether such access is made by link, banner or by any device available on the network.