Appointment Management App

for hair salons

Say goodbye to paper and pencil. WeiBook has the most intuitive and advanced salon planner in the industry, allowing you to organize your day in no time at all.

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Farewell to forgotten appointments

The management system sends automatic, free and unlimited SMS to remind and confirm appointments. And, so that you don't miss anything, with the WeiBook app we also send push notifications: missed appointments will be a distant memory!

Carry your living room in your pocket

You will have access to your living room from anywhere in the world. Your agenda of the future can be used from Mac, PC, tablet, iPad and Smartphone. Control everything from your cell phone.

Team Management 2.0

Shifts, vacations, productivity, active services and preferences. Organizing your employees' working days will be child's play. It's time to say goodbye to the old methods, WeiBook will do it for you!

Online appointment scheduler

Manage your appointments easily

The WeiBook agenda has been conceived, created and designed together with beauty professionals like you. You will have all the functionalities you need: shifts, client preferences and history, booth management and repeat appointments

Staff planning, shifts and schedules

With the agenda you can organize and edit your team's shifts by dividing them by the weeks of the month. With a single click you can set opening hours and extraordinary closures. All this at any time and from any device.

Control and management of booths

Do you have a beauty salon? With WeiBook you can create booths and customize them as you wish: determine the capacity, the associated services, the color and the name. This way your schedule will be super intuitive.

Repeat and change appointments

A client wants to repeat a service every 2 or 3 weeks? You can create appointments that repeat on a timely basis throughout the year and your schedule will automatically update. Customer wants to change the day of the appointment? Use the cut and paste function and move the appointment in one click.

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Customer analysis and reports

Create a personalized customer experience with minimal effort.

Accepts deposits for online reservations

Request a deposit when customers book online to protect yourself from no-shows. Then effortlessly collect online payments and simplify the procedure.

Notas técnicas e historial de clientes

Sabemos lo importante que es recopilar las fórmulas de colores, los detalles técnicos y los productos favoritos. Por eso tendrás una sección de notas técnicas siempre actualizada para cada tratamiento. Encontrarás toda la información en tu historial de cliente. Crear una experiencia única será aún más fácil.

Personalization of appointments

Old customer? A customer who is always in a hurry? Is it the customer's birthday? Icons will remind you of everything at a glance. We don't always have to trust everything to our memory.

More than 10,000 beauty professionals already use WeiBook to better manage their salon... what about you?